For Solucions, training is a strategic investment both for the growth of companies, as well as for the individual and professional development of their employees. Specialisation, based on knowledge of the role which is being carried out, has an effect on improved performance, and therefore, on better results for the company and the collaborators themselves.

We offer qualified technical training on the most well-known technology in the market and on the methodologies, standards and adaptations to legislation that is fundamental to your business.

In Solucions we have a specialised and well equipped area to give courses and organise events guaranteeing optimum conditions for the carrying out of activities and which we make available to our clients.

The official courses:

- Microsoft
- Oracle
- VmWare
- SonicWall
- Red Hat, JBoss.

Methodologies and business:

- Programming:  Java, .Net , C++, Delphi.
- ITIL foundation v.3.
- Data Protection Regulations.
- ISO norms.
- Information security.

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